What Kt Steppers' Customers Have to Say....

Chitra K.
These stools are adorable! The quality is good and they are so unique. Kate's artistry is excellent. I feel like these stools are something I would see in an upscale NYC boutique. They make amazing personalized gifts.

Liz K. (Michigan)
I have ordered two stools for Kt Steppers™, LLC and each time have been more than pleased with the results. The quality of the stool is great. My two year old tracks his all around the house. The paint doesn't chip off and Katie managed to match the colors and design that I wanted perfectly. She's a real pro. I completely recommend Katie, she has a great talent

Michelle K. (NJ)
Kate from Kt Steppers™, LLC is a wonderful person to work with, very professional and very personable. The company is easy and accessible to get in touch with, very service oriented, interested in providing and fullfilling your needs down to the most minute detail. The products (I ordered a custom quality foot stool, and also had a mirror refinished) turned out beautifully, I was extremely pleased and highly recommend using Kt Steppers™, LLC.

Marybeth B. *NJ
I would refer anyone I know to Kt Steppers™, LLC. The stools are great. The fact that they are personalized makes it a special gift to give. I found that giving the stool to a 2nd or 3rd newborn child was a great idea. This is a special gift for that specific child. I have purchased 4 of these stools and everyone who I gave it to didn’t already have one and really appreciated the gift. Thanks Kt Steppers™, LLC!

Anita R (Hawaii – shipped to Tx)
Here's what she said: " A beautiful stool arrived yesterday... THANK YOU!!!! I love it and Julianne will too. Her name looks great on it. Thank you for such a thoughtful gift!!"

Dana Deroche (Sparta, NJ)
Katie is just an absolute pleaure to work with. She made me a Custom Stepper and did it so beautifully! Her creativity is amazing, she delivers on time and having a hand-made gift is so precious. I'd recommend Katie to anyone looking for a high quality, unique product. Thanks Katie!!!

Michael Farrell (Leesburg, VA)
Katie - I have used these steppers as house warming gifts for my clients for the past 4 months. I consistently receive calls of praise and thanks for the gift, not too mention the many requests on where to find them! It's been a wonderful service I now offer my clients. Thanks (AVP, Home Loan Production • Countrywide Home Loans, a Division of Countrywide Bank, FSB)

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